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Soave, Italy July 2012 - Age 16

Hi there! I’m Lexi and if you couldn’t already tell, I love to travel. And not just any kind of travel: Slow Travel. That’s what this blog is all about.

But here's what you came for – a bit more about me.

As someone who has had the privilege to travel almost their whole life, I have had almost every kind of travel experience. From travel with family to solo travel; from luxury hotels to roughing it in a tent; from hostel hopping to a new European country every three days to spending months in Mexico.

Every time I come home from a trip, inevitably I learn something new. I always learn something about my destination. Maybe I find a neglected corner that has the best carbonara I've ever had in my life or I learn a historical fact about ancient agricultural methods in Mexico. Only rarely do I not also learn something about myself. Likes, dislikes, new ways to be resilient, and new ways to find joy.

And one of the things I've gotten the most enjoyment out of is discovering the concept of Slow Travel. Whether I knew it or not, I've been doing Slow Travel my whole life.


Every other summer my parents and I would take two weeks to spend time with our family in Northern Italy. The first half of the trip was usually spent at my great aunt's home (I consider it my home away from home) in Cesuna, lazing about, eating her amazing food, taking walks in the forest, and maybe doing a little exploring of the local villages and towns. In the second half we would go to a city, Venice, Bolzano, Florence, etc., and do the touristy things there.


Had we spent both weeks traveling, doing the touristy things, maybe we would have seen more. Instead we chose to do LESS and experience MORE. I got to grow up knowing my cousins, aunts, and uncles, learning how to cook amazing food and forage for edible mushrooms, see towns and villages no one back home had even heard of and fewer still will ever visit.

Today I enjoy a really unique lifestyle traveling the world with my boyfriend for months at a time. It isn't always easy, especially during the pandemic, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Together we have done our version of Slow Travel in Italy, Argentina, Uruguay, Costa Rica, MexicoPeru, and Panama.


Slow Travel has afforded me incredible, unique experiences. This is why I started this blog. To share these experiences in the hopes of convincing others that they can do this, too.

On the Crossing Oceans blog, you’ll find content related to Slow Travel — what it is and how to do it — as well as my experiences Slow Traveling and living in countries around the world.


I also write content for other travel blogs and marketing agencies. If you like what you read here and you want to reach out, shoot me an email.

You can also follow my (slow and steady) journey around the world as I travel from coast to coast, country to country, crossing oceans on Instagram @lexicrossingoceans.

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